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The Old Adirondack Furniture Company traces its history to the Great Camps of the Adirondack Park circa 1880 - 1929. The industrialists established their retreats here to escape from the summer heat of New York City, Philadelphia and Boston. Flat Rock Camp at the eastern edge of the park, like other Great Camps, boasts many buildings whose functions resemble a rural village: blacksmith, carpentry shop, green houses, tennis courts, bowling alleys, teahouses etc.

The industrialists' families would "summer" in the cool north and the men would visit for extended weekends. The year round residents of the village would have a long off-season from September to June when the camp owners were not present. Off-season projects for the Flat Rock caretakers maintained the properties and kept them busy. The foreman reproduced and refined the Adirondack chair (originally from Westport, NY).

The furniture operation outgrew its original location at Flat Rock Camp and first moved to the Grange Building in Willsboro then to the vacant horse nail factory in Keeseville, New York. Today, the modern 25,000 square foot production facility is not far from the horse nail factory near to its Willsboro roots. Experience the Adirondacks and enjoy the craftsmanship of each piece.

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