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Hatteras Hammocks are true works of art. Craftsmen rhythmically thread the needle of rope along the hammock rows creating one continuous woven bed. Whether made of 100% natural cotton or 100% soft spun polyester, the rope used in every Hatteras Rope Hammock is manufactured to exacting specifications. This process begins with miles of soft yarns that get formed into layers to create the desired thickness for strength. Three layers are joined to create the signature tri-layer or 3-ply rope. In the process, the layers are balanced and twisted for superior strength. Solid oak is used in the spreader bars of each and every Hatteras Hammock. All the spreaders are sanded to a superior finish and hand dipped with multiple coats of weather resistant marine varnish. On a hammock, the greatest point of stress is placed at the point of the hanging chains and rings. The safest hammocks are those made with the heaviest and best quality hanging hardware. The chains that we use on our hammocks are the largest and heaviest in the industry. Our signature one-piece ring and chain creates a safe environment for hanging as the chain is permanently attached to the hammock.

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