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Cellini Furniture Crafters was founded 45 years ago by Frank C. Lettieri, who still serves as company Chairman. In that time, he amassed extensive knowledge about retail merchandising, having been a retailer for five of his own stores. You may call on him any time for any concerns. Living Room Frames manufactured to our specifications in Italy are hand crafted to a unique smoothness and incomparable beauty. Solid beech frames spend 9 months in a kiln. Backs are a little softer to insure total comfort. All foam used in our pieces are 117 rated--that is low flammability, California-approved. There is no higher quality foam available in the marketplace. To our current knowledge, no competitor can even approach these extrmeme quality standards. You will find a selection of victorian living rooms, sofas, loveseats, and complete selections of bedroom sets. Our case goods are shipped all over the world and praised in every quarter. Bombe curves in baroque French (irregular shaped furniture in style since the 18th century) represent a serious challenge to the maker, who provides lasting quality. Years of experimentation taught Cellini the value of resins in this procedure. To prevent undesirable side effects, resins are heated to an optimum range so as to flow smoothly over curves, like a second skin. We know of no other manufacturer that understands our methods or currently applies them to their product. All Cellini tables are made of solid beech wood, available in ten finishes.

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