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The foundation of our company is consistency. Consistent quality, product availability, and service build our company up. It is what you will only find from Bebe Furniture. Bebe Furniture has been crafting heirloom quality furniture products in this country for over two decades. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and woodworking heritage. We create heirloom quality furniture engineered and designed to last a lifetime. We strive to create a work of art in each piece of furniture we build, so it can be enjoyed and cherished for years to come. This philosophy has helped us build a solid reputation with our customers. Bebe Furniture has two of the best selling traditional oak bedroom groups in the country. Bebe Furniture pieces are engineered and constructed to weather the test of time so they may one day be a treasured antique collectible in your family. The materials we use are the finest all wood products available. We do not use particle board or reconstituted wood products. Eventually, inferior materials will chip and crumble into pieces. We use American Northern Red Solid Oak wood material. Our products are built from the inside out with the strongest structural supports. The absence of these quality features decreases the lifespan and use of the furniture item. All our carvings are true hand carvings performed by master artisans on real 100% solid Oak wood. Bebe Furniture offers a strong product warranty backed with great customer service. We can replace or repair any defective component under terms of the warranty immediately.

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